We will soon add a new field to the extensions API; mobile.
The mobile field will contain the mobile number of the extension.

Methods handling extension information.

GET https://api.telavox.se/extensions/{extension}

Retrieve information about the specified extension/extensions.


extension Retrieve information about a single extension only. The response will contain only a single extension item, i.e. not a list containing a single item. Specify an actual extension number, or use me for the current authenticated user's extension.
optional If omitted, all accessible extensions will be returned.


[{"extension":"08010203","name":"Anna Andersson","email":"anna.andersson@mail.se","mobile":"0729913232","profile":{"available":true,"name":"Tillgänglig","until":"0000-00-00 00:00:00","message":null},"calls":[{"callerid":"0701231234","direction":"in","linestatus":"up"}],"keyWords":["support","stockholm"]},{"extension":"08040506","name":"Bengt Bengtsson","email":"bengt.bengtsson@mail.se","mobile":"0733313232","profile":{"available":false,"name":"Semester","until":"2015-03-14 09:26:53","message":"Svarar på mail en gång i veckan"},"calls":[],"keyWords":["business","malmö"]},{"extension":"08040506","name":"Konferensrum A","email":"","mobile":"","profile":null,"calls":[],"keyWords":[]}]
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Field Description
name The name of the extension owner.
email The email of the extension owner.
extension The extension number
profile Profile information. May be null if the extension has no profile information.
name The profile's name.
available Whether the extension is available or not.
until The current profile's end-time. Will be 0000-00-00 00:00:00 if no end time is defined.
message Additional message set for the profile.
calls List of ongoing calls for the extension.
callerid The caller id of the other end.
linestatus Status of the extension line. May be up/down/ringing
direction The direction of the call. May be out/in/unknown.
keyWords List of keywords for the extension.


Retrieve information about all available extension.
Retrieve the currently authenticated user's extension.
Retrieve the extension for 08123456.