We will soon add a new field to the extensions API; mobile.
The mobile field will contain the mobile number of the extension.

Methods for initiating calls from a user.

GET https://api.telavox.se/dial/{number}

Starts a call between the logged in user and another phone. Calls are initiated by first dialing the logged in user, and upon pickup the number specified will be dialed. This function is blocked for users without paid telephony.


number The phone number to call. Valid forms are: 0401234567 or 00467081234567.
autoanswer Whether the initial incoming call should be answered automatically.
The default setting is to answer the incoming call automatically. This feature can be turned of by providing autoanswer=false as a query parameter (see the examples).
Important! Only applicable to certain phone types, e.g. Snom, Cisco and Desktop. For other phone types this parameter will simply be ignored.


Toggle response description
Field Description
message OK, or a descriptive error message.


This request will make the logged in user call the number 087654321.
This request will force the logged in user to accept the incoming call before the number 087654321 is dialed.