About Telavox Api

With a few lines of code.

Telavox Flow is the market's most powerful PBX solution, featuring a wide range of helpful tools that make your communication as straightforward as possible. In order to really get rid of any final barriers, it can be a good idea to integrate your existing system with us. To enable this, we have developed a simple API which can save several hours a month for users with just a few lines of code. Below you can see, for example, how you can get caller customer cards to appear before you even answer the phone, or how you can make a call or send an SMS directly from your corporate system with a single click.

Nästa samtal

Automatic customer card popup

A lot of the work in a customer service centre is taken up by just finding out who is calling and then finding their customer details. With a simple web request, your system can quickly check who is calling a customer service agent. The customer card can then be displayed for the agent even before the call is answered!

GET https://api.telavox.se/extensions

[{"extension":"08010203","name":"Anna Andersson","email":"anna.andersson@mail.se","mobile":"0729913232","profile":{"available":true,"name":"Tillgänglig","until":"0000-00-00 00:00:00","message":null},"calls":[{"callerid":"0701231234","direction":"in","linestatus":"up"}],"keyWords":["support","stockholm"]},{"extension":"08040506","name":"Bengt Bengtsson","email":"bengt.bengtsson@mail.se","mobile":"0733313232","profile":{"available":false,"name":"Semester","until":"2015-03-14 09:26:53","message":"Svarar på mail en gång i veckan"},"calls":[],"keyWords":["business","malmö"]},{"extension":"08040506","name":"Konferensrum A","email":"","mobile":"","profile":null,"calls":[],"keyWords":[]}]


Being able to ring directly from your corporate program not only saves time but also minimises the risk of calling the wrong number. With the help of just one line of code, you will never have to dial a telephone number again!

Ringer upp

GET https://api.telavox.se/dial/040112233


Call Statistics

Knowing who you spoke with, when and for how long can be invaluable in certain circumstances. Regardless of whether it is used for documentation, call backs, statistics, invoicing based on call times or notification of missed calls, it is just a web request away.

GET https://api.telavox.se/calls?fromDate=2013-10-01&toDate=2013-10-06&withRecordings=true

{"incoming":[{"datetime":"2013-10-04 08:46:44","datetimeISO":"2013-10-04T08:46:44.123+0100","duration":29,"number":"081234567","recordingId":160},{"datetime":"2013-10-03 18:43:13","datetimeISO":"2013-10-03T18:43:13.123+0100","duration":33,"number":"081234387","recordingId":0}],"outgoing":[{"datetime":"2013-10-04 16:24:12","datetimeISO":"2013-10-04T16:24:12.123+0100","duration":86,"number":"081236567","recordingId":182},{"datetime":"2013-10-03 20:45:17","datetimeISO":"2013-10-03T20:45:17.254+0100","duration":0,"number":"081272967","recordingId":159}],"missed":[{"datetime":"2013-10-03 18:48:06","datetimeISO":"2013-10-03T18:48:06.847+0100","duration":0,"number":"081153564","recordingId":190}, {"datetime":"2013-10-01 22:51:43","datetimeISO":"2013-10-01T22:51:43.014+0100","duration":0,"number":"unknown","recordingId":0}]}


Our API also makes it possible to send SMS directly from the computer. The text and the number can be selected as the sender. Sending SMS is often the quickest way of informing field staff about something important. There are also no restrictions regarding how many SMS can be sent. No extra fixed charges are applied, you pay simply per SMS sent.


GET https://api.telavox.se/sms/0701234567?message=hello